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Paint Corrections Enhancements Dublin

Paint Corrections Enhancements Dublin

Paint corrections Enhancements detail uses a mild abrasive and a foam finish pad designed to remove most swirls and deliver brighter, clearer, more true color without spending 3-4 days on perfection. This is a great bag for those unfamiliar with expanding and working on a budget.

Paint improvement is our specialty and we are proud to leverage our reputation. Color correction is a difficult and painstaking art when done correctly. It’s a delicate ability, much more than just a “buff”. Color correction is the process of creating the clearest possible reflections without hiding or masking imperfections, while removing as little color as possible, through the use of safe, modern and appropriate polishes and techniques.

These details are ideal, especially if your car has scuffs, swirls and scuffs – perfect for new and older vehicles that require some maintenance and attention to keep the paint finish looking like new.

Single Stage Enhancement Detail:

First, as with all details, your vehicle will be deeply cleaned and soil coated to remove defects. Defects are removed by careful machine polishing to give the paint an incredible finish – chips or beads will stand out more, and the paint color depth will be significantly enhanced. Pure colors achieve the ultimate glow. Your car is then ready for the protective coating of your choice to protect and preserve your enhanced paint. A choice of products are available to achieve this that can be viewed on the price list and discussed with me – Daryl at Offset Detailing.

The multiple levels of refinement are time-consuming but produce very beneficial results. Please let the car sit for 2-3 days depending on the size of the car and the paint defects.

Multi Stage Paint Corrections Enhancements Detail:

Following the one-step detailing process outlined above, I refinished and sanded the entire vehicle with a fine polish and liner combination to give the paint more shine, depth, and a truly impressive finish. The paint looks great despite removing as many blemishes as safely as possible in the first step, but later beautifying the paint takes the final look and is the most popular option when people book details on their car, Be it new or old.

Along with these two details, the interior of the glass is also sealed, cleaned and vacuumed. You can add optional extras such as leather or fabric protection and use a wheel and caliper protective coating, which involves removing the wheel and then coating it inside and out. Check out the price list for more details on these options.

If you need any of these details, please contact me – Daryl Offset Detailing in Essex to discuss car make and model, level of defects, suitable products, schedule and cost. All car brands are welcome. Following detailed instructions, I can advise you on proper care instructions and quality wash products.

Paint Enhancement and Paint Correction are the services offered by VIP Mobile Detailing to remove damages, scratches, slivers and other imperfections in Automotive Clear Coat. These services are great for everyday drivers, used cars, new cars and show cars. If you want to keep your complexions bright and pop, this is for you!

In paint corrections enhancements, we use a fine polish, using a mild abrasive to bring the flakes or beads back to the color of your paint. The goal of enhancing color is correction, not perfection. We’re not trying to make the paint sliver free, we’re trying to eliminate imperfections in the finish that could stain your car. Your paint will look more intense after this service.

In the first step of paint correction, apply a medium to heavy quality of car paint all around the vehicle. This compound contains powerful abrasives that can remove more clear coat blemishes than finer polishes. After this step, your car’s paint will look dull and hazy. Then we go around the vehicle with a fine polish (such as a paint enhancer) to restore the paint finish. Varnish correction is no easy task, we aim to eliminate 95% of defects. We’re working hard to fix as many scratches and blemishes as possible to restore a mirror-smooth finish.




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