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New Car Protection Dublin

New Car Protection Dublin

A common misconception is that a brand new vehicle is perfect. It is common practice for dealers to “prepare” them before delivery to customers. Dealers will always choose the fastest and cheapest way to produce the car, which inevitably leads to these defects. In most cases, new cars require machine polishing to remove paint imperfections, such as machine bump marks and sanding marks left by the production line, to bring them to their fullest shine and clarity.

For this reason alone, the “New Car Safety Detail” has been introduced, which is far superior to all dealer-provided protection packages like Autoglime Lifeshine, Diamondbright, Guard X and Supagard. Our service builds the perfect foundation, the car looks better than brand new, and is well protected from the elements with an extremely durable ceramic coating.

We are probably one of the few self-sufficient auto detailers and detailers. We generate electricity with photovoltaic panels and also produce our own clean filtered rainwater, we also recycle all our waste and use only
Biodegradable products.

We take pride in restoring every vehicle to its former glory. From simple Irish cars to exotic sports cars, car care and detailing can take a full day or more, depending on the vehicle.

The difference is in the details. We tried to cover every square inch inside and out of every car. We take care of your vehicle, which is probably your second most expensive item.

The My New Car Paint Protection Detail Package includes the application of one of my Ceramic Paint Protection options that provides 2 to 5 years of car paint protection with proper care. In addition to paint protection, my new car paint protection detail covers the protection of interior fabric and leather surfaces, which usually takes about 2 to 4 days to reach the point of giving your vehicle the best possible start. Prices for this paint protection detailing service start at £140 depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.




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