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Machine Polishing Training Coolock

Machine Polishing Training Coolock

Our Machine Polishing Training Coolock courses for professionals is perfect for those who have never used a machine before or may be limited to entry level machines and want to upgrade.

Machine Polishing Training Coolock also offer this course as a one-day advanced course for those who already have some experience and want to try out different machines while improving their general technique.

However, the introduction of machine polishing is not only focused on hardware. Also included in the course:

surface defects and impurities.

Efficiency and productivity approach

Preparation and purification steps.

“Reading” color.

Recognizing the mistake

Paint thickness measurement using magnetic resonance, eddy current and ultrasonic measuring equipment Polish/Non-Polish decisions.

Introduction to pad and composite types and options. finishing technology.

Dressing, sealing/wax selection and presentation. Health & Safety

Ideal for those new to machine polishing. our Introduction to Machine Polishing for professionals course is a starting point to get you using machine polishers in a safe, controlled environment. If you already use machines it’s an opportunity to reset your skills, pick up practical tips and advice, and increase your efficiency.

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