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Car Detailing Dublin

If you are looking for a Car Detailing Dublin area, Cullen car care will help you protect your investment. The ceramic coated Opti Coat Pro Plus and Opti Coat Pro 3 will extend the life of your vehicle. They are permanent! So you don’t have to spend hours washing and waxing your car, truck or SUV. Conveniently, it’s a one-time application. It permanently protects your vehicle from UV radiation and environmental influences. Most important, it will make your life easier. You can enjoy your vehicle carefree. For example, don’t waste time constantly scrubbing, washing, and waxing. Opti Coat ceramic coatings are neither wax nor sealants. It is a ceramic paint coating that protects your car’s surface from paint-gamaging pollutants

Car Detailing Coolock must be installed by a certified professional designer. This advanced formula combines with your existing paint to create an invisible, hardened, candy-like shield. It resists insect acids, road salt, UV damage, and more! Opti Coat Pro Plus ceramic coating is harder than factory varnish. In conclusion, with proper (and simple) maintenance, your vehicle’s paint finish will no longer need waxing. If you want to keep your vehicle shiny, shiny and stunning without waxing, call us to make an appointment.

Cullen Car Care is the leading and most trusted car grooming company, we also specialize in clear bras and Car Detailing Coolock area. After researching and testing many other pure bra companies and products, we have concluded that SUNTEK is without a doubt the best. SUNTEK has created the cutting edge of automotive protection technology, leading the pure bra industry in terms of price, quality, customer service, technical support, and most importantly, the finished product. Paint Protection Film PPF is a thermoplastic polyurethane fim applied to the painted surface of a new or used car to protect the paint from stone chips, insect splashes and minor scratches. It is professionally installed by certified installers using pre-cut kits that are computer cut for your specific car.

Frequent to infrequent driving on Dublin’s roads and motorways exposes your car to road debris, rocks, salt, sand and other debris that appears to be magnetically attracted to the front of the vehicle, resulting in inevitable stone chips and scratches. If you don’t have a Car Detailing Coolock installed, you will undoubtedly see damage done to your vehicle. Protect your vehicle from damage with a paint protector, making it look good and increasing its resale value.

In recent years, paint protection film technology has made great progress. Gone are the days of yellowing, fading or cracking films. SUNTEK, the leading and most trusted paint protection fim manufacturer, now offers a comprehensive warranty of up to ten years! A clear paint protector lets your car paint show through while protecting it from damage.

There are many brands of paint protection film. Be sure to choose the SUNTEK brand, which is very clear and has an ultra-smooth, durable finish. When you drive, a lot of road dirt, mud and grit can scratch the paint on your vehicle’s bumpers, headlights, fenders, hood and mirrors. A lot of people drive with ugly, annoying front ends. or spend too much time and money washing their cars. Your car should look as good as it did on the first day you brought it home from the dealership.

Apply a Car Detailing, which protects your car without obscuring ts natural beauty. Car Detailing also protect against abrasive paint deterioration caused by caustic acids left behind by flying insects and airbome sand and dirt particles. Whether you want to protect your front bumper from paint chips and bug splatters, protect the entire front end from road debris, or protect your entire paint job by wrapping the entire vehicle, protection is the goal. Nothing beats the protection of a paint protector, or better known as see- through bras. No wax, sealant, or protective coating will prevent paint chipping and chemical bums from bird droppings or insect spray. Good waxes/seals/coatings can help reduce etch in the paint, but they won’t prevent rocks and dirt from ruining the finish. When you’re looking for ULTIMATE paint protection, SUNTEK clear bras are the only choice. Different car makes and models require different amounts of film. Therefore, we ask that you call us to find out the exact price of the vehicle you want to protect

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